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empty car trunk

Car Survival Kit

empty car trunkOftentimes when people start getting things together for emergency preparedness the car survival kit is forgotten. Your car is probably the first place you would want an emergency kit. A lot of time is spent in the car and if trouble should arise it is smart to be prepared.

The first thing you are going to want to get is a durable bag to hold your kit. There will be several items going into your kit and you want it to be organized. The best material is nylon because of its durability. You will have a choice of backpack or duffel styles. Each has their advantages. The backpack style is portable and handy if you have to hike. The duffel style will give you more room.

These are the items you should include in your bag. These are listed in no particular order.

  • Folding shovel- This will come in handy if it becomes necessary to dig out your car, or if you need to build a shelter.
  • Jumper cables- Used if your battery dies.
  • Duct tape and paracord- These items can be used to secure various things. Most importantly if you have the need to build a shelter.
  • Multi-Tool- A must have tool for survival. There are several tools combined into one.
  • First Aid Kit- A basic kit is all you will probably need.
  • Extra clothing- Should your clothes get wet, or you need the extra warmth.
  • Emergency blanket- Used for warmth. Can also be used in shelter situations.
  • Extra fuses- Many times simply changing fuses will make the repair and get you on your way.
  • Compass- Needed if you decide you need to hike for help.
  • Fire starting material- This can be matches, lighters, or magnesium stick.
  • Non-perishable food- If you are stuck for a while you will need food.
  • Water purification tablets- Water is vital for survival.
  • Flashlight and extra batteries- Used for situations when light is needed.
  • Pre-paid cell phone- Make sure it is fully charged and has minutes available for use. When your main cell phone dies you will be grateful to have this.
  • Map- A map of the area you are traveling might help you save yourself, or direct rescuers to you.
  • Whistle- Used to signal for help.

As with anything it is good practice to make yourself familiar with the use of these items before you are pressed to use them. As an example do some research on reading a compass, building a fire, and using jumper cables.

The items listed are a good basic kit. Of course items can be changed and added to suit your individual tastes and needs. However, you should not stray too far from these basic things.

What are Preppers?

Meteor Falling to EarthThe term “preppers” referrers to someone who prepares for the worse, whether it be for flood waters, nuclear war, or a zombie apocalypse. Sometimes the term is connected to a derogatory terms such as, ‘doomsdayers.’  Not all preppers are doomsdayers, most are normal, happy people who want to be ready for a crisis by planning and preparing ahead to protect themselves and their families. They prepare themselves with survival skills, primitive living skills, and supplies.

Preppers are realists. They understand that disasters can happen anywhere and at any time, with or without warning. They do what logical and reasonable people should do: plan and prepare in advance for the worse-case and most likely scenarios.

No one anticipated a 7.0 magnitude earthquake to hit Haiti in 2012 killing over a 100,000 people and leaving the area with little shelter, food, and clean water. The Japanese didn’t plan on the Tōhoku tsunami in 2011 carrying water 6 miles inland, nor were Colorado Springs residents expecting wildfires to destroy entire neighborhoods in 2012.

Though many crises are natural disasters, there are plenty of man-made disasters too. War, terrorist attacks, power outages, and industrial accidents just to name a few. The American Red Cross responds to almost 100,000 incidents each year. There are also personal crises such as, getting lost in the desert or mountains, your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, or you fall off your Caribbean cruise ship into the open ocean.

Let’s face it: Urban dwellers are not usually prepared for most major disasters. When the water stops flowing from the tap, the stores are out of food, there is no power for cooking or heating, most people are just helpless, scared, and don’t have a clue what to do.

So, the bottom line is this: Survival starts with an open mind and an awareness of the various situations that could occur. Once awareness develops, the next step is contingency planning, but for what type of planning and preparation is up to you!