Article Syndication

  • Are you looking for fresh, free, quality content for your blog or website?
  • Are you looking for a way to update your site more often (which is great for ranking in search engines, as you know)?
  • Want more content variety for your visitors and social media community?
  • Looking for more upbeat articles for your survival or prepping niche?

You can license our content. For free – as long as you keep our affiliate links intact (you know there’s no such thing as a free lunch! :)).

We publish thought-provoking, original content in the survival and prepping niche that’s upbeat and hasn’t been done-to-death.

Here’s our syndication rules:

1. No articles are to be sent in spam emails.

2. The license to publish our content does not give you any rights to the content beyond that single, non-exclusive usage. We retain all copyrights and other interests in that material.

3. If we ask you to remove an article, you agree to do so.

4. Please keep photo credits (if there are any).

5. You may NOT change the links to products to include your own affiliate IDs (or remove the link entirely).

6. Please keep the author box, including the links, with the article.

7. When you publish an article, send me a quick email with the link  using our contact page.

You can get on our general email list to be updated when new articles are available as well as following us on Facebook or Twitter.



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